Acronym's electromechanic turnstiles were developed with the intention to control people's entrances and exits of restricted access areas. They are the ideal choice for banks, office buildings, sports complexes, exposition centers and industrial facilities.

With their modern and compact design, they can be easily integrated with modular safety barriers and, thanks to the several possible finishes, thay can complement any interior's decoration.

Since they are made from high quality stainless steel, thay can operate accurately in the outside, even in the most adverse climates.

They are composed of a pedestal or mobile that supports three arms in shape of a tripod. These arms make the passage control through a 120º rotation each time a user passes by, being always one of the arms in a position to obstruct the passage.


There are several models that work identically to the one described, or with double passage, only changing their exterior appearance.

The passage control can be made in one or two directions, and can be controlled by any access control terminal from Acronym.