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The Time Report Web responds to the need of the users of Time Report to be able to access their functionalities from remote locations: from home, from another room on the company building or even from an Internet hotspot while travelling.

This web application is a complement to the Time Report in SQL, with access via Internet using a common Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, regardless of the operating system or the location of the access point.

The Time Report Web has a representative graphical environment, ensuring its users an intuitive perception of what they are seeing and doing, and has two different interfaces: one for administrators, recommended for normal users of theTime Report, and one for the employees, which allows them to view their own data.

In the administrator interface you can perform much of the commonly done operations on Time Report such as viewing the markings and the results, defining the vacations and planned absences and correcting the processing results.

The interface allows each authorized employee to perform queries of their markings and results or to perform requests for absense justifications. The employees also have the possibility of make registrations on the Time Report Web, for situations that they can not do it with the terminal.

This application also allows you to view and print the main reports and maps from the Time Report.

Moreover, taking advantage of the communication with our Android applications, an administrator can view the last clockings locations on a map or the current location of their employees.

  • Time Report Web 1
  • Time Report Web 2
  • Time Report Web 3
  • Time Report Web 4
  • Time Report Web 5


  • - Login for employees;
  • - Login for administrators;
  • - Ability to sign in to more than one company;
  • - View of:
    • - Clockings;
    • - Employees;
    • - Incidents;
    • - Results;
    • - Codes;
    • - Schedules.
  • - Absense justifications;
  • - Graphical presentation and analysis;
  • - Simplicity of use;
  • - Responsive design;
  • - Possibility to choose different color styles;
  • - Access configuration;
  • - Automatic collections configuration;
  • - It allows you to view the processing codes defined in Time Report;

  • - View incidents codes;
  • - Consult daily plans and work plans;
  • - Possibility of making results corrections;
  • - Consultations and definition of:
    • - Holidays;
    • - Vacations;
    • - Absense;
    • - Schedules.
  • - Communication with Android apps;
  • - Ability to view the location of your employees;
  • - It allows you to view the location where a clocking was made;
  • - Definition of geographical area for the clockings on the Android apps;
  • - Definition of wireless signal restrictions for the Android apps;
  • - Viewing and printing of reports (portuguese only);
  • - Available in several languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French.