Time Clockings Pro Android App

Time Clockings Pro

Time Clocking Pro is an application that allows a practical and effective time, production and access control through a simple Android device.

With this application, the user can make use of the resources available on his device to register time or production clockings through NFC, facial recognition, USB reader or Acronym's external biometric reader.

For facial recognition, the device needs to have a front camera. For the USB external readers, the device needs to be compatible with OTG, a technology that allows detecting and accessing USB devices. If your Android device has any of these limitations, the corresponding reader can not be used to register clockings.

After the correct communication configuration with Time Report Web, the app can be accessed by administrators or employees. An administrator can configure the app to accept clockings of several employees. Ideal, for example, for civil works, where the head of work can collect the clockings of each worker, through his device. If the access is made by an employee, the clockings and all the information to show are only for that employee.

To make clockings, the application does not require an active internet connection. You can make clockings and, later, when connected to the internet, they are automatically sent to Time Report to process.

In addition to the core functionality of the application, which is the clockings registration, it also allows viewing the employees list, view the presences and absences, view results, view clockings and record templates (for face recognition).

Additionally, location restrictions can be configured to prevent the incorrect clockings registration, when the employee is outside the company's premises, for example. These restrictions can be set on Time Report Web or Time Report. The administrator can create a geographical area and restrict clockings only for that area. You can also use the company's wireless network to assist in the restrictions, setting the MAC Addresses of the access points at which a user is allowed to make clockings.

When first installed, the application has some data for the user to experience it in "demo" mode. To make full use of the application, the user needs to set up a connection to Time Report Web and register it in Time Report, since it is a licensed application.

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  • Daily reviews
  • Settings menu
  • Facial Recognition
  • NFC

Time Clokings Pro Features:

  • - Simple and intuitive design;
  • - Communication with Time Report Web;
  • - Ability to register point, production, access clockings and even record work incidents;
  • - Allows you to choose the identification/reading mode for each type of marking:
    • - Facial recognition;
    • - NFC;
    • - USB reader (if the device is compatible with OTG);
    • - USB Bio Reader (if the device is compatible with OTG);
  • - Option to define a restricted area for clockings:
    • - By location;
    • - Through the wireless network;
  • - All properties and permissions are set through Time Report;
  • - Two access profiles: administrators and employees;
  • - An administrator can:
    • - View the employees list;
    • - View presences and absences;
    • - Register a template (for facial recognition) for each employee available;
    • - View the daily and flexible results;
    • - See the clockings list;
    • - View the location of an employee (with Time Report Web);
  • - An employee can:
    • - Register a template (for face recognition);
    • - See your daily and flexible results;
    • - View his clockings;
  • - Compatibility with all Android devices from version 4.1.1.