Time Access Software

Time Access

The Time Access is an integrated system for access control, gyms/pools and ticketing.

This application monitors the staff and users passage through the use of Acronym's terminals. These can work independently or in constant communication with the PC and accept regists with magnetic stripe cards, proximity (RFID) cards, barcode cards or fingerprint cards.

The Time Access makes access controlling simple and easy to use, by defining zones drawn on a plant building, and doors that make the communication between the different zones, each one associated to a terminal.

For each user is defined an access schedule to a given area, which can be weekly, cyclical, or an isolated event. The same schedule may be assigned to multiple users, thereby avoiding operation repetition. These schedules can be quite complex but are also simple to define and query.

The membership fees, rentals or space reserves are ensured by the integrated Ticketing system of the Time Access, which allows to define a cost per hour for each schedule and includes one current account for each user. The ticketing system also includes a module for creating tickets and the Time Ticket, a simplified and fully customizable interface to issue tickets quickly with a single click.

Among the terminals that can be used with the Time Access, the autonomous terminals allow simpler access control, usually to access a single zone or independent zones. These do not require a permanent connection to the PC, but can lack some features available in online terminals. The terminals permited are the Evolution 3 Bio, the Evolution 3, the OutLock 3 Bio and the OutLock 3.

On the other hand, online terminals, being permanently connected to the network, enable a range of additional features like anti-passback, stocking control or the access to common areas. The Time Access can communicate with the Evolution 3 Bio Online, Evolution 3 Online, OutLock 3 Bio Online and the OutLock 3 Online terminals, as well as IOBoards and the Logic Post.

The Time Access can work with Time Report, allowing to import the information about the employees and the sharing of this software with the terminals, allowing the registries collection for both programs simultaneously.

The Time Access software is optimized according to the needs of your business and it can be used for simple access control, gyms and pools control or simple ticketing operations.


  • - Gyms;
  • - Pools;
  • - Sporting venues (stadiums, etc.);
  • - Sports events;
  • - Museums;
  • - Canteens;
  • - Fairs and exhibitions;
  • - Halls;
  • - Hospitals (visits control);
  • - Access control in companies.


  • - Access system by areas;
  • - Zoning map or building plant;
  • - Connection to autonomous and online terminals;
  • - Access to online terminals configurable by scripts;
  • - Multi-company/multi-user/multi-station;
  • - Anti-passback control;
  • - Stocking control;
  • - Total flexibility in schedules creation;
  • - View and print the weekly schedule of the user.
  • - Current-account for the user;
  • - Spaces reservations and rental;
  • - Ticketing module:
    • - Custom tickets creation;
    • - Simplified and personalized interface for ticketing;
    • - Ticketing on an independent application.