RKH 02 Reader

RKH 02

The RKH 02 was specially designed for access control and can be easily connected to controllers.

This product works on a frequency of 13.56 MHz - Mifare (NFC).

This reader has a specific communication protocol to communicate with IOH 04 or IOH 02 controllers.

When performing a reading, by approaching a card, tag or RFID keyring to the reader, the data is sent to a controller IOH that will validate the content information for access control purposes.

This reader is equipped with an anti-tampering mechanism and is coated with high protection material to prevent vandalism. This fact also allows it to be installed anywhere, since it has IP65 certification (water and dust proof).

The only difference between the RKH 02 and the RDH 02 is the keypad, which is another option for access validation.


  • - Compatible with Mifare cards;
  • - Keypad with 12 keys;
  • - Coated with zinc alloy material shell;
  • - LED status indicator;
  • - Communication via RS485 or wiegand;
  • - Anti-tampering alarm;
  • - Dustproof and waterproof design (IP65);
  • - Frequency of 13.56 MHz;
  • - Acoustic buzzer;
  • - Operating voltage: 12V DC;
  • - Dimensions: 118 x 76 x 23 mm.