RFID WR Reader/Recorder


The RFID WR is a 125 kHz RFID devices reader and recorder, compatible with T5577 and T5555 cards, or 13.56 MHz Mifare (NFC) - ISO 14443A standard. It can easily be connected via USB to a PC and does not require drivers.

Its use is extremely simple, just approach a RFID card, tag or key to the reader/recorder to perform a read or write. The data is sent directly to the computer via USB cable, which can then be captured by the supplied software or any application that uses the existing ActiveX development module.

In the Mifare version, this device works with Mifare Ultralight, Mifare 1K and Mifare 4K cards. In addition to a higher data storage relatively to 125 kHz cards, one advantage of this technology is the data security feature, since each information block can be protected with a password (except Mifare Ultralight).

The software that comes with the RFID WR allows continuous reading of the ID's and the data reading/recording.

The reader/recorder can work, USB connected, in two aways:

  • - HID - to communicate with the reading and writing software or ActiveX and for firmware upgrade;
  • - Keypad - works as a computer keyboard, typing the data readed from the card.

This reader/recorder can be integrated with other hardware devices through a versatile interface that allows digital output in the following modes:

  • - Magnetic - can replace magnetic card readers with clock and data signals;
  • - Serial - serial transmission in decimal or hexadecimal format and reader deactivation input;
  • - Wiegand - data transmission by two digital signals used by some access control equipment;
  • - Vending - load credits on cards which can then be discounted.

The USB interface allows easy installation and integration with any computer. The reader is also powered by the USB interface thus avoiding the use of batteries or connection to the electric current.


  • - Data recording in 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz devices (Mifare version);
  • - Compatible with 125 kHz or Mifare 1K, 4K and Ultralight cards;
  • - T5577, T5555 and ISO/IEC 14443 Type A (Mifare version) cards/tags;
  • - Bidirectional USB HID communication;
  • - No need for driver installation;
  • - USB keyboard emulation;
  • - Compatible with Windows for reading and recording;
  • - Compatible with Linux and Android in keyboard mode;
  • - 125 kHz frequency or 13.56 MHz (Mifare version);
  • - 1 acoustic buzzer;
  • - USB powered;

  • - Additional power input of 7V to 24V;
  • - Weight: less than 100 g;
  • - Resinous internal electronics (total protection against moisture);
  • - Dimensions: 66mm x 108mm x 32mm;
  • - Red/green LED;
  • - Firmware upgrade by USB;
  • - Magnetic reader emulation;
  • - Digital serial port emulation;
  • - Configuration jumpers;
  • - Wiegand emulation;
  • - ActiveX;
  • - Card number extraction in decimal or hexadecimal;
  • - Credits decrementator (Mifare version only);
  • - Compatible with Acronym's terminals and others.

Vending System


The Acronym's Vending System works with this reader/recorder and a control software.

With this software it's possible to load credits in the cards that can be discounted in vending machines, playgrounds or turnstiles.

The software allows the credits charging or transfer and stores a log with all the transfers and charges made by the cash operators.

The credits that will be discounted by the readers, with autonomous operation, connected to vending machines or turnstiles, are saved in the cards.

The data security is guaranteed through a password system, encrypted data and data crossing.

Control turnstiles, vending machines or playgrounds without real money! Only with cards...


- Vending machines - the reader can activate a machine to give a product after decrementing the credits in the previously loaded card;

- Access control - the reader can activate doors discouting existing credits on the card. Once there are no credits on the card, the reader does not allow the acess until the card is recharged;

- Turnstiles/canteens - the reader, together with a simple turnstile, lets you control who has access to a meal. For each use is decremented a credit in the card;

- Playgrounds - a reader must be connected individually to each playground machine. Each of the readers can be configured differently with respect to the time that the machine remains on as to the credit amount that it decreases on the card;

- Bus – the credit is deducted from the card on each trip. The passenger is granted with a credit thus ending the reader will signal an error.

The Vending software allows that an operator responsabile for managing the cash can load the cards with credit that was given to him.

The system works with a cascade credit transfer. A Master card can load credits in the cash operators cards. Thus the holder of the Master card will have full control over the amount of money it injects into the network. The operators cards can pass their credits to the final users.

The Vending software manages all credit transfers as well as it keeps track of cards in use and the amounts/credits transferred.