The RBioH is equipped with a high-performance biometric reader for reading/validating fingerprints. It also has a built-in RFID reader for proximity cards reading.

These devices have a RS485 connector for cable connection with a controller device. The same cable is used for the communication and also for power source, both provided by the controller.

When performing a reading, through the fingerprint or the proximity of a card, tag or RFID keyring to the reader, the data is sent to a IOH controller which will validate the content of the information for access control purposes.


  • - High performance fingerprint reader;
  • - Compatible with 125 kHz cards or Mifare cards;
  • - Supports multiple authentication modes (card, fingerprint and card + fingerprint);
  • - 1:N mode - accurate and fast fingerprint recognition;
  • - Fast fingerprint validation (less than 1 second);
  • - Max. 5000 fingerprints;
  • - LED status indicator;
  • - Communication via RS485;
  • - Alarm anti-tampering;
  • - Elegant and ergonomic design;
  • - Acoustic buzzer;
  • - Operating voltage: 12V DC;
  • - Dimensions: 62 x 132 x 44 mm.