OutLock 3 Online Terminal

OutLock 3 Online

The OutLock 3 Online is most simple and affordable of Acronym's online biometric terminals. Its appearance is similar to the OutLock 3 terminal. However, this terminal works permanently connected to a PC communicating with programs such as the Time Access, the Time Task or the IOBControl.

Its operation is completely online, with TCP/IP communication via an Ethernet 10Base-T connection.

Like the Evolution 3 Online terminal, it has a 128x64 pixels screen size with 3 graphics modes: 21x8, 16x8 and 16x4 characters. The screen backlight allows its use in low light environments.

Although limited by the lack of a keyboard, the OutLock 3 Online has an internal RFID reader, and an external accessories connection as barcode readers, magnetic stripe or RFID card readers and other custom-made sensors.

Being an inexpensive terminal, is indicated for solutions that require multiple terminals connnected simultaneously as access control. Among other possible applications, can be found the following:

- Access control
- Stocking control or people counting
- Visit control
- Stock control