OutLock 3 Bio Online Terminal

OutLock 3 Bio Online

The OutLock 3 Bio Online is the simplest and most affordable Acronym's online biometric terminal. Its appearance is similar to the OutLock 3 Bio terminal. However, this terminal works permanently connected to a PC communicating with programs such as the Time Access, the Time Task or the IOBControl.

Its operation is completely online, with TCP/IP communication via an Ethernet 10Base-T connection.

The features of this terminal are the same of the OutLock 3 Online terminal, plus the biometric fingerprint reader, winner of international awards. The fingerprint templates can be stored in the terminal's memory or be sent in real time from your PC to compare with the registered fingerprint. With the IOBControl ActiveX control, you can access this terminals' biometric features from your own applications.

Being an inexpensive terminal, the OutLock 3 Bio Online is indicated for solutions that require multiple terminals connnected simultaneously as access control. Among other possible applications, can be found the following:

- Access control
- Stocking control or people counting
- Visit control
- Stock control