OutLock 3 Bio Time Clock

OutLock 3 Bio

The small and medium-sized businesses can finally have a time clock with biometric sensor tailored to your needs. The OutLock 3 Bio combines the OutLock's terminals simplicity with the main features of the Evolution 3 Bio time clock, including the renowned award winning biometric sensor for fingerprint reading.

With a modern and attractive design, is the ideal tool for time and access control, providing the same functional capabilities of more expensive terminals, at a lower cost. Small, reliable and economic, are the three adjectives that best characterize it.

Its plastic box with high-strength material and this equipment internal construction gives it a great robustness and durability.

In contrast to its small size, its high storage capacity allows you to authenticate a large number of cards, essential quality for time and access control.

This time clock includes all OutLock 3 functions, including the customizable graphic display with screens and animations, using the TimeDraw, the onboard sound board and also the internal RFID cards reader that you can use as an alternative or in conjunction with the biometric sensor.

It is also able to perform complex tasks of time and access control, as anti-passback control and stocking, the minimum time between registrations validation or viewing the worked hours worked on the time clock.

The OutLock 3 Bio communicates by TCP/IP through the Ethernet 10Base-T standard, which allows you to communicate over long distances and connect multiple terminals on the same network. There is also the possibility of working completely isolated from the network, making the registrations collection and updating the employees' information through a SD card.

The registrations can be made only with the users' fingerprints. Optionally, and for added security, you can require to use a card before the fingerprint.

The new fingerprint tegistration is done in the time clock very easily. If there is more than one time clock in the same company, the employees only need to register in one of them. The OutLock 3 Biofingerprint templates are compatible with the Evolution 3 Bio.


  • - Up to 1000 fingerprints compared 1-n;
  • - 1-n research in less than 2 seconds;
  • - 1-1 comparison in less than 1 second;
  • - 128x64 pixels graphical display with backlight;
  • - RFID proximity cards reader;
  • - 1 conector for external readers;
  • - Connection to a siren with programmable tones;
  • - Connection for electric lock;
  • - Wave or Bip sound;
  • - View the balances (hours worked) in the time clock;
  • - Anti-passback control and stocking control;
  • - Validation of the minimum time between registrations.