The IOH 2 controller is a device that has several features that allow solving most access control problems. This board has the ability to simultaneously control multiple ports, multiple readers and multiple users.

With an easy installation system, the biometric readers, RFID readers, and others, are connected to the IOH 2 via RS485. This connection system also allows powering all the readers while enabling commucation at the same time.

In the same installation, you can be have several IOH 2 controllers simultaneously, connected to the same Ethernet network.

The internal firmware of IOH 2 was conceived with the purpose of access controlling, and it has all the necessary functionalities for a complete control and autonomous operation.

Among the main functionalities of this controller, the most important are the anti-passback function, online remote control of the doors, alarm events (secure door alarm, forced entry alarm, invalid attempts alarm, etc.).

With the IOH 2 you can control up to two doors. If you prefer a solution for more doors, you can choose the IOH 4 controller.

The Time Report 5 software is fully integrated with this controller.


  • - Communication via TCP/IP;
  • - Communication via RS485;
  • - Supports storage of 100.000 cards and 300.000 records;
  • - Upgrade firmware remotely;
  • - Online remote control of doors;
  • - Anti-passback function;
  • - Supports controlling multiple ports;
  • - Supports multiple authentication types;
  • - Anti-tampering alarm;
  • - Open door alarm;
  • - Forced entry alarm;
  • - Invalid card swipe alarm;
  • - Wiegand output;
  • - RJ45 port;
  • - RS485 port;
  • - Operating voltage: 100 to 240 V AC;
  • - Dimensions: 373 x 345 x 98 mm.

Typical application: IOH 2