The Acronym's Handrails fully complement the Acronym's Gates and the Logic Post, enabling the effective people access control.

This product is part of the solution proposed by Acronym for sports facilities like swimming pools or gyms.

They are also the ideal solution for flow control, in conjunction with the Acronym's Gates and the Logic Post they can guide and restrict the people flow, which is very frequent application in supermarkets, museums and airports.

They have an internal steel structure that confers them high robustness. The exterior is composed by anodised aluminum and plastic fittings, providing resistance to the most diverse weather conditions.

The anodized aluminum provides a perfect aesthetic combination with other products such as Acronym's gates or access control terminals, ensuring that they easily integrate in any interior or exterior space due to its elegant design.


  • - Access control;
  • - Integration with turnstiles and gates;
  • - People flow control;
  • - Doors and automations;
  • - Pools;
  • - Shops;
  • - Gyms;
  • - Museums;
  • - Airports;
  • - Sporting venues;
  • - Industrial spaces.


  • - Easy installation;
  • - Atractive and elegant design;
  • - Modularity of the set;
  • - Dimensions:
    • - Base: 100 mm diameter;
    • - Tube: 25 mm diameter;
  • - Internal structure in steel with plastic coating;
  • - Outer tubes with anodized aluminum;
  • - Possibility of integration with gates and turnstiles.