Gyms Module

Gyms Module

The Gyms Module is a Time Report specific add-on for gym access control, workout planning and control of athletes.

With this module you can:

  • - Control the user access to the gym;
  • - Block the entrance to users with payment delay;
  • - Plan workouts;
  • - Plan workouts to specific athletes;
  • - Collect gym access clockings;
  • - Communicate with AC Gym Pro and AC Gym Print Android apps;
  • - Query attendance results;
  • - Query atlhetes results filtered by weights;
  • - Control access with turnstiles;
  • - Query athletes clockings;
  • - Print reports;
  • - And much more...

The software has mechanisms that facilitate planning, thus allowing coaches to prepare the workouts for their athletes in accordance to their condition and physical preparation.

The coaches can, through the software, follow the athlete using the information collected by the athletes during the training. If necessary, changes can be made to the training plans in order to adapt them to the athlete's capacities.

Athletes can use their smartphones to check out future workouts and even track the results from previous practice sessions. The Android app also have the personal trainer mode in which is indicated, step by step, which exercises to execute both through text and through sequences of images.

Inside the gym you can install a tablet with the AC Gym Print so that the athlete can consult the exercises that have to make and print the training plan for the day. In this tablet, the athlete is automatically recognized by biometrics (facial or digital recognition).

The access validation of the gym users can be done by an IOBoard. This type of terminal/board has the ability to control all electromechanics of any tourniquet and multiple biometric readers, RFID readers, graphic displays and matrix displays. With Acronym software and hardware, you can replace an existing installation and reuse some of the more expensive components (tourniquets, printers, biometric readers, etc.).

All you need to control gyms is here!


  • - Block access to the athletes who didn't pay;
  • - Time Report's internal module;
  • - Access plans configuration;
  • - Training plans configuration;
  • - Workouts configuration (with series and loads);
  • - Workout information collection;
  • - Results analysis;
  • - Attendance analysis;
  • - Results query and analysis;
  • - Communication with AC Gym Pro app;
  • - Communication with AC Gym Print app;
  • - IOBoard configuration and control;
  • - Access schedules management;
  • - Registration and management of athletes;
  • - Athletes access control;
  • - Print result reports;
  • - Turnstile control.