Evolution USB Bio Time Clock

Evolution USB Bio

Powered by the latest biometric technology, winner of international awards, Acronym developed the Evolution USB Bio. This time clock is extremely fast and accurate when reading fingerprints. It also has a large data storage capacity for presence control.

This fingerprint-based technology prevents company employees from taking clockings for colleagues, in addition to eliminating the usual excuse of forgetting the card.

The Evolution USB Bio can also be used for access control, preventing unauthorized access to buildings and facilities. All movements within critical zones can be easily controlled and recorded in a database.

Its operation is extremely simple. To do a clocking, simply place your finger on the sensor. If the employee is authorized, his name appears on the screen. Optionally, and for greater security, a PIN can be entered on the keyboard or a card before the fingerprint.

Communicates over TCP/IP, which allows it to communicate over long distances and connect multiple terminals on the same network. There is also the possibility of working completely isolated from the network, collecting clockings and updating employees through a USB pen drive.

It also has a connector for bell or siren activation to signal the work start and end and another to control the activation of electric latches or turnstiles.

This time clock shares all the functionality of the Evolution USB, and is also equipped with an internal RFID proximity reader and USB port.

The registration of new fingerprints is done in the terminal itself. If there is more than one clock time in the same company, the employees only need to register at one of the terminals.

Each user can additionally be assigned an access schedle which prevents the user from using the terminal outside his/her work time.

Thanks to its keyboard, Evolution USB Bio allows you to store incidents, service exits and task control.

As an extra functionality, this time clock allows you to make simple configurations or even view clockings and worked hours through an integrated web server, thus eliminating the time-consuming use of Time Report, ideal for those who want a simplified time control without software.

The Evolution USB Bio is therefore the best solution on the market in terms of price and quality and is indicated for time control, access control, task management, visits control (entrances/exits) and production control.

Hardware features:

  • - Up to 1900 fingerprints;
  • - USB port;
  • - Communicates over TCP/IP;
  • - 128x64 pixels graphic display with backlight;
  • - 18 keys - for user interaction;
  • - 125 kHz or Mifare RFID proximity card reader;
  • - Possibility to connect an external biometric reader and/or RFID (RJ12);
  • - Siren or relay activation;
  • - Siren connection with programmable rings;
  • - Connection for opening up to 2 electric locks;
  • - Operating voltage from 7V to 24V AC/DC;
  • - Power-over-Ethernet (POE);
  • - Wave or beep sound;
  • - Firmware upgrade by USB;
  • - Fast-connect connectors;
  • - RJ45 connector for Ethernet communication;
  • - Non-volatile memory for data storage;
  • - RAM, FLASH and EEPROM with specific functionalities;
  • - Accounting and visualization of worked hours;
  • - Balance validation by Employees, Global, etc.;
  • - Anti-passback control and stock control;
  • - Validation of minimum time between clockings;
  • - Embedded Web Server;
  • - Production control (USB input for barcode scanner);
  • - Access management;
  • - Control of nursery schools;
  • - Autonomous validation of access schedules;
  • - Management of hours bank;
  • - Regularly available firmware upgrades.

Firmware features:

  • - High reliability biometric reader with award winning algorithms;
  • - Compatible with 125 kHz cards or Mifare 1K, 4K and Ultralight cards (Mifare version) (optional);
  • - Standard T5577, T5555, ISO / IEC 14443 Type A (Mifare version) and others (optional);
  • - Compatibility with Acronym terminals;
  • - Automatic information sharing with other Acronym terminals;
  • - Events sended to Time Report;
  • - Open door detection;
  • - TCP/IP dedicated communication protocol;
  • - FIFO buffer of 25000 clockings;
  • - Capacity for more than 10000 registered employees;
  • - Message processing for employees;
  • - Timer for door activation;
  • - Programmable timers to activate alarm/siren;
  • - Performing pre-programmed/timed or event-initiated internal actions;
  • - Firmware upgrade;
  • - Dedicated routines for controlling nursery schools;
  • - Access controll;
  • - Stock control;
  • - Count of daily, weekly, monthly accesses;
  • - Worked hours counter;
  • - Validation of minimum time between markings;
  • - Autonomous accounting of worked and extra hours;
  • - Anti-passback control and stock control;

  • - Email sending upon generated events;
  • - Validation of the minimum time between clockings;
  • - Fixed or dynamic IP;
  • - Ethernet with support for TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, SSDP, UDP, DHCP, LLMNR;
  • - Configurable hostname;
  • - Automatic port-forwarding on routers;
  • - Broadcast in Ethernet sub-networks;
  • - Autonomous internet communication with servers;
  • - Detection of the Ethernet network signal;
  • - Integrated Web server;
  • - Employees, fingerprints and cards registration through the Web server;
  • - Querying and correcting results through the Web server;
  • - Multiple configurations and queries through the Web server;
  • - Registration and reading of fingerprints stored in Mifare cards;
  • - DST functions for automatic summer/winter time adjustment;
  • - Incident clockings;
  • - And much more...


  • - Time control;
  • - Access control;
  • - Production control;
  • - Stock control;
  • - Nursery school control.