Evolution 3 Online Terminal

Evolution 3 Online

The Evolution 3 Online is the adaptation of the Evolution 3 terminal to work with data collection and production control. It is especially suitable to work with the Time Access, the Time Task or the IOBControl, being its application completely configurable through these last two.

Its operation is completely online, constantly communicating via TCP/IP through a 10Base-T Ethernet connection to a PC that controls all the terminal functions.

Its 128x64 pixels screen allows 3 graphics modes, one of 21x8, other of 16x8 and also other of 16x4 character. The supported characters are from the ASCII set and from the expanded IBM® set used for drawing lines and graphics. The screen backlight allows its use in low light environments.

In addition to its keyboard and theinternal RFID reader, this terminal allows the connection to a series of external accessories such as pencils and CCD optical scanners for reading bar codes, magnetic stripe or RFID cards readers and also other sensors.

Internally has two switches which allow connecting and disconnecting external devices such as electrical machinery, electric locks and sirens.

The possible applications for the Evolution 3 Online are too numerous to list them all, but to detail the most common:

- Access control;
- Production and task control;
- Stock control;
- Quality control;
- Automation.