Evolution 3 Time Clock

Evolution 3 Bio

The Evolution 3 time clock is undoubtedly one of the most versatile of its kind. Equipped with a large number of base options, it can be expanded in various ways, enabling you to respond to all the problems of time and access control in the workplace.

The Evolution 3 communicates by TCP/IP through the Ethernet 10Base-T standard, which allows it to communicate over long distances and connect multiple terminals on the same network. There is also the possibility of working completely isolated from the network, making the registers collection and updating the employees information through a SD card.

It is already equipped with an internal keyboard and a RFID proximity card reader and also allows connections to various readers and external inputs, to sirens or bells, or for electrical latches activation and turnstiles .

With an external RFID RW card reader coupled, it is the ideal tool for access control tool and can control not only the schedule but also the accesses direction and the intensity of a particular location.

Its graphic screen may contain text in various fonts, images and animations, which are fully customizable through TimeDraw software.

It has the ability to play simple beeps or music and voices of higher quality, thanks to its onboard sound card.


  • - 128x64 pixels graphical display with backlight;
  • - RFID proximity cards reader;
  • - Keyboard with 18 keys;
  • - 2 connectors for external readers and one for input;
  • - Connection to a siren with programmable tones;
  • - Connection for electric lock;
  • - Wave or Bip sound;
  • - View balances (hours worked) in the time clock;
  • - Marking incidents;
  • - Anti-passback control and stocking control;
  • - Validation of the minimum time between registrations.