Evolution BR Bio Time Clock

Evolution BR Bio

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The time clock Evolution BR Bio has been specially designed to meet the needs arising from the MTE Ordinance 1510 (Brazil).

These clocks are based on the Evolution 3 Bio, which includes awards around the world that demonstrate its functionality and performance.

Continuing with the line of Acronym's attractive design, the Evolution BR Bio biometric clock offers optimal performance, it is extremely fast and is precise in fingerprint reading.

To make a registration, you just need to put your finger on the fingerprint reader. In the standard version, this time clock can identify an employee of a list of 1.900 in 1 second just by reading the fingerprint.

This clock includes a printer that issues a receipt to the employee each time he makes a registration.

It is possible to get multiple reports by employee and date on the time clock.

The registration of new fingerprints is done in the clock very simply and intuitive. In case there is more than a time clock in the company, the employees only need to perform the registration in one of them.

These clocks have a 4 Gigabytes Flash Memory, which allows 300 million registrations, stored permanently on the clock. The staff records (name and number) can be managed in the time clock or using a PC.

According to the MTE Ordinance 1510 (Brazil), a USB entry (Fiscal port) that allows you to record information is available for the reviewer. There is also a second USB port that is used for the time clock management, in case you can not turn connect it to the PC via Ethernet or WiFi. This feature is very useful for the inicial configuration of the time clock. It should be noted that this time clock can work with FAT32-formatted USB devices.

The printer has a guillotine paper cutter, open lid detection sensor, paper fault detection sensor and head temperature detection to prevent that it burns with use.

The time clock allows the selection of various designs for the tickets and you can set the company logo on them. It uses 31 meters paper scrolls which lets you print 1000 coupons, and is extremely easy to replace the scroll (less than 5 sec).

This time clock allows writing/reading of cards MIFARE Standard 1K and Plus 4K cards. The reading is made until a maximum distance of 12 cm.

Its front panel also has a three LED display that indicates: OK, power and communication.


  • - 1-n search in less than 1 second in a universe of 1900 fingerprints;
  • - 1-1 comparison in less than 1 second;
  • - Graphic backlighted 128x64 pixels display with reconfigurable background through TimeDraw;
  • - Keyboard with 14 multifunction keys;
  • - Output of the sound box that uses waves to reproduce the user name;
  • - Volume configurable;
  • - 4 GB of working memory;
  • - Lets make 300 million records;
  • - Automatic summer/winter time setting (if applicable);
  • - Advancend menu functions protected by code;
  • - Multiple reports per employee and date, issued in receipts by the time clock itself;
  • - Two USB ports, one for the reviewer and one for the clock management;
  • - Upgradeable firmware;
  • - Automatic firmware verification;
  • - ID Management by time clock or PC;
  • - Internal clock with battery;
  • - Three LED display that indicates OK, power and communication;
  • - Cards recording in time clock;
  • - MIFARE reader and recorder (Smart Card Contactless): Supports MIFARE Standard 1K and Plus 4K with the maximum distance of 12 cm;
  • - Printer with paper cutting;
  • - Ticket with company logo;
  • - Printer speed ​​and intensity configurable, it can increase the durability of the printer;
  • - Selection of various ticket designs;
  • - Ease of paper changing (less than 5 sec);
  • - A scroll of 31 meters allows you to print coupons 1000;
  • - Paper fault detection;
  • - Open lid sensor.