Electromechanical Gate

Electromechanical Gate

The Electromechanical Gate is a gate with damper swivel and integrated solution for signage and control. This gate can be applied in supermarkets, building entrances or sports venues such as swimming pools or gyms.

The swivel mechanism has a soft effect that ensures the stability and the return movement, ensuring a comfortable passage for people with special mobility needs.

The Electromechanical Gate is also suitable for flow control: the use of multiple or couple gates, can direct the people flow in one or both directions, which is a very frequent application in museums and airports.

At the top of the gate can be integrated a bicolor matrix indicator with signs such as green arrows (allowed passage ) and red crosses (forbidden passages), which gives the user a better understanding of the movement direction of the gate.

It is still possible to use a card reader or other peripheral to control the latch lock and thus control the passage.

This gate was designed to high flows control and have a strengthened aluminum arm to ensure greater robustness and the swing mechanism facilitates the repeated opening and closing.

The gate can be complemented with the Logic Post, online or in standalone operation to control occasional access situations, this because the two products have similar designs, which gives them a very nice visual appearance. Other products are also available that allow you to mount barriers, affecting the people movement.

Because this gate is powered with a low voltage (15 V) external power, the potential electrical hazards that are customary in this type of equipment are avoided.


  • - Aluminum exterior and steel interior;
  • - Closing spring;
  • - Anti-corrosion treatment;
  • - Easy installation;
  • - Attractive and elegant design;
  • - Available in CW and CCW (right or left);
  • - Polycarbonate smoked pane 6 mm thick;
  • - Weight: 10.5 kg;
  • - Height: 950 mm;
  • - Diameter: 100mm.


  • - Sporting venues;
  • - Flow control;
  • - Access for people moving in wheelchair;
  • - Supermarkets and building entrances.


  • - Configuration software;
  • - Motor;
  • - Firmware Upgrade by USB;
  • - Configurable operating mode;
  • - Two input controls;
  • - Two relay outputs;
  • - USB port for configuration;
  • - Multi-voltage power;
  • - Bicolor matrix display;
  • - Bicolor flag in the foot;
  • - Bicolor flag on the arm;
  • - Internal power adapter.