Chip Card

Chip Card

The Chip Card is a external USB reader that allows you to read and use the Citizen Card in any registration system.

This reader works as a computer keyboard and it fills any data entry form, automatically, with the data readed from the card.

You can use this reader with your billing software or POS to auto fill the customer data. In gyms, exhibition systems, clubs, you can complete theclient/user registration by simply introducting the card into the reader.

The reader collects and transmits the data running a script (functions set) pre-programmed in it. These scripts can be created/ modified to make the reader compatible with any software.

All the programming software (scripts) and support are provided by Acronym.

This device allows you to read the cards compatible with the ISO 7816 standard, where the Citizen Card is included.

We may offer new firmware for this reader, so that it can be updated even in the event of future improvements.


  • - Automaticaly user/client records creation;
  • - Compatible with any software;
  • - USB 2.0 connection;
  • - Dimensions: 70 x 60 x 15 mm;
  • - Weight: 50 g;
  • - 2 signalization LED's;
  • - Buzzer for audible warnings;
  • - ISO 7816 standard;
  • - Portuguese Citizen Card;
  • - Spanish Citizen Card;
  • - Firmware upgrade via USB;
  • - Programmable operating script;
  • - Programmable Scan Code table;
  • - USB keyboard emulation;
  • - HID bi-directional communication;
  • - Identification;
  • - Users login.