BioLock 2

BioLock 2

The BioLock 2 is a access validator with a stand-alone configuration and operation. To configure it, you do not need any access control software, just use its infrared controller.

This device is able to validate previously registered fingerprints and only these fingerprints can activate the internal relay and open the door. Depending on the version, the BioLock 2 may also validate RFID cards.

With the BioLock 2 infrared controller you can:

  • - Collect a new fingerprint;
  • - Delete a fingerprint or a user;
  • - Delete all fingerprints, RFID and users;
  • - Configure the door opening time and the operating mode;
  • - Configure the door open timeout;
  • - Delete all cards or users;
  • - Change the access password;
  • - Configure the open door sensor operation;
  • - Register new RFID card or device (RFID reader version only).

This product is available in these versions:

  • - With or without 13.56 MHz RFID reader;
  • - With or without 125 kHz RFID reader.

The BioLock 2 is designed to be installed inside a wall switch box (standard EU 70 mm), leaving only a surface area of approximately 8 mm outside the wall.

The fact that all electronics are embedded inside the wall, in addition to increasing the security level of the access system, also gives the product an attractive and elegant design, so that it can be applied even in cases where they are required high architectural standards.

This BioLock 2 is a built-in/embed installation version. Another version of this device, with identical functionalities, is also available in a external version, differing only in terms of design and ease of installation.


  • - World-renowned biometric sensor with a capacity up to 1900 fingerprints;
  • - Internal IR (infrared) receiver;
  • - Includes IR controller;
  • - Internal beetle;
  • - Low power consumption;
  • - Mechanical relay for latches and electromagnetic locks activation;
  • - Micro USB port;
  • - High strength and durability;
  • - Power from 9 to 32 volts DC;
  • - Photo coupled input;
  • - Open door sensor input;
  • - Green and red LEDs;
  • - Non-volatile memory for data storage;
  • - Validation of up to 800 preconfigured identifiers;
  • - Firmware upgrade via USB;
  • - 110/220 power input (optional);
  • - Fast-connect connectors for power and relay connections;
  • - Dimensions (outside the wall): 88 mm x 85 mm x 8 mm;
  • - Dimensions (inside the wall): 53 mm x 53 mm x 54 mm;
  • - Internal 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz (Mifare) RFID reader (optional);