With the BioLock you can implement access control of a door, concierge or other.

With the BioLock is included an infrared remote controller that allows:

  • - Register fingerprints/users - only registered users can open the door;
  • - Delete fingerprints/users;
  • - Set the door opening time;
  • - Set locks and latches;
  • - Set the open door maximum time;
  • - Set the time that the biometric sensor stays on;
  • - Delete all fingerprints or users;
  • - Change the access password.

Without the need of a connection to a software, this module does not need to keep the access clockings made by the users, since its purpose is only to validate access.

The BioLock includes a buzzer and 2 LEDs, with which tells us if it is operational and that the fingerprint readed is valid.

With this autonomous module it is also possible to connect an external push button so that the door can be opened without the direct intervention of the device. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect a door open sensor. With this sensor connected and configured, the module will sound a beep whenever someone leave the door open.

It is no doubt a simple solution to an equally simple access control.


  • - Infrared remote control - for the BioLock configuration;
  • - 1900 or 9500 fingerprints - number of fingerprints that the BioLock allows you to manage/validate independently;
  • - USB connector - for firmware upgrade;
  • - Proximity Sensor - the module comes into operation only when it detects the presence of a finger on the biometric sensor;
  • - Tamper sensor - detects the opening of the enclosure module and in this situation it becomes totally inoperative;
  • - Buzzer - the module indicates performed operations with beeps;
  • - RJ12 connector - it can be connected to the door open sensor and to a door opening button;
  • - Relay - for connection to latches and locks;
  • - Relay connector + power source - fast performance 4 contact connector;
  • - Power source with wide tolerance - between 9 to 32V;
  • - Door opening button - allows you to connect an external button for door opening;
  • - Open door sensor - it signals the module if the door is open or closed;
  • - Signalization LED's – 2 LEDs, one red and one green, indicate the status of the operations or the module;
  • - Infrared receiver - for infrared commands/instructions.