BioHL 01

The BioHL 01 is a time attendance fingerprint terminal and also has an extra module for Mifare cards reading.

This terminal is extremely fast and accurate in reading fingerprints. It also has a large data storage capacity for time and attendance control, allowing you to store 3000 fingerprints, 3000 cards and also record 100,000 events.

It also has an internal backup battery, thus preventing your employees from failing to record time in cases where the main power supply is interrupted.

The BioHL 01 communicates via TCP/IP and Wi-Fi, which allows you to communicate over long distances and connect multiple terminals on the same network and is completely integrated with the Time Report software.

It is undoubtedly a versatile and highly reliable solution when it comes to time control.

  • BioHL 01
  • BioHL 01
  • BioHL 01

BioHL 01 features:

  • - Fingerprint identification;
  • - 2.4" LCD screen where time, date, week, frequency information is displayed;
  • - Communicates over TCP/IP and Wi-Fi;
  • - 1:N mode - accurate and fast fingerprint recognition;
  • - Max. 3000 employees, max. 3000 fingerprints, max. 100,000 event logs;
  • - Fast fingerprint validation (less than 1 second);
  • - Standalone operation (supports adding employees, cards and fingerprints locally);
  • - Supports multiple authentication modes (fingerprint, Mifare card, PIN);
  • - Management of employees in the terminal itself;
  • - Viewing of hours worked in the terminal;
  • - Possibility to extract several reports (via USB stick);
  • - Ability to set the minimum time between clockings in the terminal itself;
  • - Intelligent power management (if the main power source is interrupted, the terminal automatically switches to the internal backup battery);
  • - Operating voltage: 5V DC;
  • - Dimensions: 140 x 155 x 30 mm;
  • - USB port;
  • - RJ45 port;
  • - Autonomous or PC controlled operation through Time Report 5 or higher versions;
  • - Compatible and configurable through Time Report 5 or higher versions.