AC Gym Pro Android App

AC Gym Pro

The AC Gym Pro Android app can be used by athletes/gym customers. It aims to exchange automatic information between coaches and athletes and to collect data during the training.

With this Android app you have 4 information visualization modes: Personal Trainer; Daily training; Training plan and Workouts history.

The athlete can use the smartphone as a Personal Trainer, receiving all instructions through it. The workouts are presented with illustrative images and descriptions sequentially.

In the Personal Trainer mode, the user can optionally enter data based on his performance, for later analysis by the trainer.

The athlete can view the daily training plan for the current or the next day. The data are presented with the details of the workout sequences and with illustrative images.

The athlete is also allowed to use this Android app to view the future training plans. In this mode, several planning days are displayed in a summary form.

The athlete has, with this app, the possibility to view the workout history. In the history you can see the workout sequence and the data collected.

O atleta tem, com esta aplicação, a possibilidade de consultar o histórico de exercícios já efetuados. No histórico é possível consultar a sequência do exercício e também os dados recolhidos.

All the information provided by AC Gym Pro is always available for consultation anywhere the smartphone has access to the internet.

AC Gym Pro is available for all gyms that use our Time Report's Gyms Module!

AC Gym Pro features::

  • - Simple and intuitive design;
  • - Communication with Time Report Web;
  • - Compatibility with all Android devices from version 4.1.1.
  • - View the workout history;
  • - View the workout results;
  • - Personal trainer mode;
  • - Direct access to Time Report's Gyms Module;