AC Gym Print Android app

The AC Gym Print is a very useful Android app for any gym!

Inside a gym, this app can be installed in one or more strategically positioned tablets so that they are easily accessible to athletes.

The athlete can identify himself in AC Gym Print through:

  • - Facial - facial recognition through the Android device camera;
  • - Digital - collected by an external USB biometric reader;
  • - RFID - by the Android device NFC reader.

The athlete will be recognized by the application when presenting himself to the tablet and will be presented with all the daily training plan he will have to perform. The athlete may perform this operation as many times as necessary.

The AC Gym Print has access to our Gyms Module and to Time Report, from where it extracts all the necessary information to present to the athlete instantly.

Optionally, AC Gym Print can print the daily training schedule on a printer. For some athletes there is a preference to use a printed training plan rather than making a sporadic consultation in this app or in AC Gym Pro app.

AC Gym Print is available for all gyms that use our Time Report's Gyms Module!

AC Gym Print features::

  • - Simple and intuitive design;
  • - Communication with Time Report Web;
  • - Compatibility with all Android devices from version 4.1.1.
  • - Facial recognition;
  • - Fingerprint recognition;
  • - NFC/RFID recognition;
  • - Printing the daily training plan;
  • - Workout orientation to the athlete;
  • - Direct access to Time Report's Gyms Module;